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Monday, June 6, 2016

‘Clash of Clans’ (CoC) May updates: Training, regeneration time reduced; 'CoC' launches friendly battles

  • More updates on "Clash of Clans" (CoC) are expected to come out in the second half of May
More updates on "Clash of Clans" (CoC) are expected to come out in the second half of May (Photo : Supercell)
Supercell's "Clash of Clans" (CoC) continues its winning streak as one of the most successful mobile games to date. Its popularity seems to show no signs of waning, and it never fails to deliver the top-notch gaming quality and content to its subscribers. For May, Supercell will provide new upgrades to the game and it is getting fans excited.

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For the first half of May, Supercell deployed several major updates that include the following:
1. Regeneration for the Archer Queen and Barbarian King now only take less than 30 minutes
2. Bowler troops receives an update
3. Brewing time for spells is significantly reduced
4. Training time for Balloon and Valkyrie now only take 5 minutes
5. Training time for Healer only take 10 minutes.
More updates are expected to come out in the second half of May, Neurogadget reported. The upgrades will most likely include friendly battles, new troops and other significant improvements.
The concept of friendly battles has been introduced in "Clash Royale," where players can challenge members of their own clans. This would be an interesting new addition to "Clash of Clans," since it would give players the chance to loot gold and elixir from their own clan mates.
This is on top of the awesome upgrades already introduced in March, which include reduction of brewing time for Dark Spells and Elixir Spells and added content to Town Hall 10.
Meanwhile, according to Game N Guide, Supercell will also take action against cheaters on both "Clash of Clans" and "Clash Royale" platforms. Originally, players caught using third-party software had their accounts suspended for two weeks. This time, cheaters will have their accounts banned permanently.
The company is also against illegal retailing or selling of accounts and gems. Supercell developers have warned players that providing login details and other personal information relevant to the mobile game is tantamount to cheating.
In response to this, third-party app developer Xmodgames stated that it will improve its anti-detection algorithms to protect subscribers from Supercell's detection system.
Starting May 17, Monday until the new updates of "Clash of Clans" (CoC) go live, Supercell is offering the one-gem boost promo. Players can boost all Elixir, Gold and Dark Elixir pumps for only one gem.
Watch "Calsh of Clans" movie animation below:

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