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Friday, August 10, 2012

Manifest your Vision with Help from Intuitive Feng Shui

An example of Feng Shui Bagua - a map of sorts!

Did you know that Feng Shui, the ancient art of placement and balancing, can help you realize your Intentions?

Don’t go rushing to find a book (you may or may not already have!) on what you need to do by the rules.

Today I want to talk to you about Intuitive Feng Shui. I am a certified Black Sect Feng Shui practitioner but I want to show you something you can use without needing to study all of this information. This method utilizes one of our most wonderful assets, our Intuition!

Here are the simple steps you can use to bring more energy to your vision.

1. Select an intention or goal you are currently choosing to manifest. Write it down. Imagine yourself in a life where this intention or goal is already manifest, doesn’t it feel really good?

2. Ask yourself, “What room in my home or business needs attention to help me manifest this vision?” (It can also be an area in your yard or property.)

3. Go to that room or area and ask yourself, “What is the most important thing in this room (or area) that needs attention to help me manifest my vision?”

4. The next question is, “What do I need to change, add and or take away now to move energy and help me create my vision?”

5. Go for it! Change the energy in this room and see how things start to move.

You may find yourself with more than one answer and they may all help. To start, keep it simple. You want to go with the absolute first impression that comes to your mind. This is the impression we often brush aside if we have not been honoring the power of Intuition. It usually comes in the first 5 seconds. Something may all of a sudden stand out like a sore thumb. It might feel more like an impression than a thought.

If you feel stuck, pretend you know. You may think this is foolish but pretending can bring answers from deep in your subconscious mind. Just go with it and play. You can say something like, “in my imaginary world what would I change to bring more energy to my vision?” This is you finding your own guidance. All the information and rules in Feng Shui are nice to know but the essential element is Energy. When you change energy in a way that creates more balance and pleases you, it will send a ripple effect out into your world. Don’t worry about being and expert!

Tips for opening your right brain for this exercise are:

1. Close your right eye and only look through the left.

2. Write your intention with the opposite hand you normally write with.

3. Stand on your left leg.

I know these may sound crazy but, because we have a cross-over neurological flow in our brains, standing on your left leg or looking out of your left eye will help to activate your right brain intuitive side.

Enjoy creating some new energy and have a blessed day.
Namaste, Marilyn

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